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IBM Mainframe Systems Programmers

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  • Salary: €55000 - €70000
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  • Job ID: 03078
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Job Description

This an excellent opportunity for experienced IBM Mainframe Systems Programmers (IMS and/or DB2) to join a Global Organisation and work on the design; delivery and management of enterprise scale systems for a leading American Multi-National brand.  You will work with the Global team and responsibilities will include continuous automation; performance optimization; master scheduling and driving best-in-class availability across the IBM Mainframe estate.

Experience in some or all of the following:

  • 3 – 5 years experience as a Db2 and/or IMS Systems Programmer
  • Highly skilled with many of the standard z/OS tools: TSO/ISPF, JCL, VSAM Utilities, SDSF, SYSLOG, IEBCOPY, DFSMS, etc. Experience coding JCL, use TSO/ISPF panels to edit/maintain PDS libraries etc.  Db2 and or IMS knowledge and experience with: recover, back up, diagnostic, and other utilities.
  • Experience with Db2/IMS commands to start/stop Db2/IMS; alter buffer pools, perform recovery, list threads and determine their status, manipulate Db2/IMS connections with other subsystems (including CICS, Db2 etc).
  • Experience with Db2/IMS and associated product system installs, upgrades, de-installs, application of maintenance/patches etc and knowledge of Db2 and or IMS security.
  • Proficient with SMP/E (commands, terminology, problem determination). Ability to use SMP/E to apply maintenance, perform installs, and maintain SMP/E environments.
  • Understanding of IBM Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer and IBM Query Monitor or CA Unicenter Suite of Products.
  • Experienced with REXX and CLIST programming.
  • In depth understanding of the z/OS subsystems, JES2, FTP, SDSF, CA-1 (or equivalent), DASD Storage concepts and the command usage relating to these system components.
  • Working knowledge of IBM Z Workload Scheduler or CA-7.
  • Strong ability to utilize system diagnostics to arrive at problem solutions (Messages and Codes, dumps, console messages, etc.)
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) or associated work experience in related area.



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