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ERS is actively seeking an experienced Platform Security Engineer to join our clients Global team who have with responsibility for Big-Data systems and associated services across the organisation.

You will be responsible for overall security compliance of the Hadoop ecosystem and management and support of the data encryption platform including configuration hardening, logging and monitoring, systems administration, on-boarding of applications with encryption requirements to the platform, and general subject matter consultation across the application landscape.

Primary responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Big data platform security and vulnerability management including configuration hardening of a group of highly dependent software components
  • Security assurance engineering in a big data platform environment including application of Kerberos, LDAP based authentication
  • Monitoring and enforcement of security policies, controls and standards.
  • Ensure that all platform components are fully secure against unauthorized access, inappropriate penetration, web intrusion, denial of service attacks and all other vulnerabilities.
  • Lead development of security architectures to support a large-scale global user community with complex information authorization rules and requirements.
  • Conduct fact-based evaluations of security architecture alternatives, mediate opposing viewpoints and negotiate equitable outcomes that ensure stable solutions.
  • Evaluate and recommend new security technologies, processes and methodologies. Conducts these reviews in a timely manner in order to support project timing requirements while balancing the need for architectural conformance with business needs.
  • Guide the adoption and deployment of field level encryption technology throughout the enterprise
  • Contribute to the identification and development of security requirements based on industry experience and best practices.
  • Drive maintenance and continuous evaluation of cyber threat intelligence sources for changes that can increase effective and timely response.
  • Development of encryption API use cases, scenarios, and requirements
  • Application On-boarding to the encryption platform, API integration & troubleshooting
  • Planning, development and implementation of a technology roadmap required to support data encryption needs.


  • Demonstrated proficiency in a wide range of information security technologies and platforms
  • Significant engineering, configuration, and software installation experience
  • Knowledge and experience in Security Incident Management processes and best practices
  • Hands on experience with LDAP and Active Directory, federated authentication and single sign-on including related technologies such as Kerberos & SAML
  • Knowledge of various encryption technologies & algorithms for encryption at rest and in transit
  • Experience with key & certificate management, protection and certificate-based authentication
  • Strong knowledge of Linux file system hierarchy, package management and command line interface
  • Familiarity with the Hadoop ecosystem, internal dependencies and the logging landscape
  • Understanding and cloud security and CASB products & technologies
  • Knowledge of shell scripting and Java programing language including cryptographic libraries
  • Experience with directory-based authorization and access control
  • Understanding of data classification concepts and entitlements
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Manage a catalogue of security data and dashboards that can be tailored for various audiences
  • Strong listening and communications skills, with ability to clearly and concisely explain complex problems and technologies
  • Highly collaborative work style and ability to work with a cross-functional team


10+ years experience in Information Technology with a minimum of five years relevant to this position.


  • Bachelor’s degree in an information technology or security technical discipline is preferred.
  • An information security professional certification such as CISSP is preferred.
  • Master’s level degree in a technical discipline is viewed favourably.


Excellent package including Company Car; Bonus and usual benefits for right individual.

 Due to the urgency of these roles; candidates requiring sponsorship will not be considered 

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