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If an employer is going to invest in you as a candidate, they will expect you to make an impact in your role. So, when writing your CV, it’s important to show how your actions have benefited your previous employers.

Rather than simply listing your responsibilities throughout your CV, you should always endeavour to link them to the goals of your employer and highlight the benefits of hiring you. CV writing service StandOut CV have provided this useful infographic explaining 7 effective ways to prove your impact in your CV.

Costs saved

All organisations, whether they are private firms, non-profits or government departments, like to save money in order to help balance the books or increase profits. If you have the ability to cut company spending by smart fund allocation or shrewd supplier negotiation, then you will be instantly attractive to recruiters. If you have contributed to cost saving initiatives in previous roles, then highlight them on your CV and use numbers to quantify your value.

Problems solved

Most businesses exist to solve problems; retail stores provide affordable goods to people, and accountants relieve businesses of their financial administration. So it makes sense that employers like to hire candidates with strong problem solving abilities. No matter what your profession is, you should always be solving problems for clients, colleagues or stakeholders. When writing your CV’s role descriptions, give some examples of the problems you face, how you solve them and back it all up with cold hard facts and figures where possible.

Time saved

Time is our most precious resource and employers like to see it spent wisely in the workplace. If you are able to implement processes that save time for your employer or their customers, you should certainly highlight them in your CV. A candidate who can demonstrate solid examples of time saving initiatives that have resulted in extra resource availability will definitely be deemed as an attractive prospect.

People helped

Organisations rely on people supporting each other to achieve their goals. In any role you will likely be required to support a number of people, whether they be your colleagues or external individuals. Throughout your CV, show exactly where you fit into your employer’s hierarchy and which people are dependent on your work. If you can create the impression that you are heavily relied upon by others, then it will be clear to recruiters that you are a valuable candidate.

Revenue generated

Generating revenue is imperative for most organisations, especially those in the private sector. However it’s not just customer facing staff who are responsible for providing income; all staff can contribute to sales indirectly. For example marketing staff help to attract customers which eventually lead to sales, and business support staff help to alleviate fee earning staff from administration work so that they can focus on income generating tasks. So if you contribute to income generation in any way, work it into your CV and try to include some numbers to back up your points.

Awards and recognition

Awards and other recognition from your industry send strong trust signals to recruiters and hiring managers. Many candidates make bold claims in their CV, but not everyone backs them up with proof such as industry or peer recognition. From qualifications to media mentions, ensure you include any impressive accolades that you’ve accumulated through your career.

Work produced

The type of work you produce will differ greatly depending on your profession; it could be anything from web pages or spreadsheets, to physical products like cars or even houses. The work you produce is the output of your skills and effort and therefore is an excellent method of proving the impact you make in your role. Give indications of the quality of your work and how well it is received by stakeholders or customers to provide a more detailed picture.

Reference: Andrew Fennell

  • As a Global IT director with General Motors, it’s critical that I source high calibre technical candidates every time. ERS bring such a level of confidence and integrity to the pipeline of candidates that distinguishes them from everyone else in the market. ERS is about relationship building, getting to know our company, our management team and our requirements. They assist tailoring job specifications to ensure the widest range of candidates are attracted to the job profiles. ERS hands on screening of candidates means that we have an excellent ratio of interviews to job offers and subsequently, shorter ramp-up cycles, improved business value, increased efficiency and low attrition. Candidates are not just screened based on their CVs, ERS invests a lot of time to get to know the candidates and this profiling gets best results, both for my teams and for the prospective candidates. Our local team has hired successfully through ERS from multiple countries which means our teams are also very diverse in their skills, experiences and cultures. The technical roles filled range from Senior managers, Architects, Java developers, Mainframe, Middleware, SAP, High-performance computing, Mobile Development, Infrastructure, scrum masters and a wide range of global operational roles. Global IT Director General Motors

  • ERS, part of the Casseo Group were engaged on a critical programme aimed at further enhancing Dell’s renowned Supply Chain model for outbound logistics in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). The ERS team immediately “hit the ground running” and added immense value in augmenting the internal Dell IT team seeking to expedite this critical project.  They brought a strategic and realistic view of the possibilities for the project, as well as a professional focus on delivery of a quality product to agreed timescales.  They managed a wide range of internal relationships, as well as cementing the external commitments needed from Dell’s partners to make the project a reality.  Throughout the project life cycle, they always brought a practical perspective to the table when wrestling with a complex project, and executed creative and innovative solutions to ensure success. A very worthwhile partnership which I would eagerly recommend to those in search of external expertise and commitment in meeting their project commitments. Dell

  • GE Financial Insurance (now Genworth Financial) engaged ERS as part of the Casseo group, to assist in the delivery of a complex cross-functional project. The project entailed managing the IT Infrastructure and providing IT Support to assists a dedicated debtor recovery team that was set up specifically for the project. Based in Birmingham, ERS leveraged excellent project management and technical skills to quickly win the confidence of the local team. Over a period of time, ERS as part of the Casseo group worked hand-in-hand with this team to deliver an outstanding result where significant more debts were recovered than had been thought possible.  I have no hesitation in recommending ERS and the Casseo Group. Programme Manager, Genworth Financial

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